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Don’t Do That To Your Roof! 5 Reasons Why

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The roof on your home or business can certainly be considered one of the most important pieces of the property. Your roof performs a variety of essential needs, which is why it is of utmost priority to keep your roof in working order.

Roofs in the Houston area take a beating from season to season. If your roof is ignored and not kept up-to-speed in terms of its durability, then you will certainly pay the price down the road.

Today, we will focus on 5 things to AVOID when trying to fix and maintain your roof. In other words: Spare your roof and yourself the humiliation, and don’t produce these blunders:

  1. You think you can do it yourself, but can you?

We all fancy ourselves to be Bob Vila or Al from Home Improvement; and some of you out there certainly are. But more often than not, the majority of individuals end up being Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor; he means well, but the project doesn’t always end up well…

In all seriousness though, know your limits. Roofing is a complicated, and not to mention, dangerous, endeavour. If you lack the knowledge, experience, and tools, it is probably best to call the experts. Renting tools from Home Depot and watching a “how-to” video on YouTube is all well and good, but at the end of the day, your roof is an incredibly valuable asset to your property, and you should treat it as such. Many miscalculations and complications can come from a do-it-yourself roof-fixing attempt.  

  1. Don’t misread a patch job.

While there are assuredly situations which can call for a minor patch job on your roof, the considerable fault comes when an individual perceives a patch job to be sufficient, when in all actuality a roof replacement or sizable overhaul is necessary. This slip will ultimately lead to higher costs and possible damage to the interior of your property if not rightly handled the first time.

  1. To shingle or not to shingle.

While the word “shingle” has more or less become commonplace in the American dialect, restoring the shingles on your house is anything but. 

Different roofs come with different setups, layers, elemental exposure situations, etc. Shingles are intertwined with each one of these variables. Attempting to replace or repair shingles on your own can lead to a multitude of dilemmas that you may end up dealing with for years.

  1. Don’t be an ostrich.

It tends to be human nature from time-to time to ignore a problem and hope that it will just go away. Don’t do this with your roof. The wonderful thing is, your roof will give you signs when it needs tending to. Whether it’s run-down areas of your roof, water damage, or flawed infrastructure, noticing these clues and having them inspected by a professional is key to your roof’s success.

  1. Call somebody.

Each of the above listed pointers lead us to our last: Give us a call at Elite American Roofing for all of your inspection and replacement needs. At the end of the day, your safety and your property value matter to us, and we want to be a part of the success of your home or business.

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