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5 Recurring Problems Typical for Conventional Roofs

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To be able to optimize the ability for one’s roof to last an extended period of time, homeowners and business owners alike must have the canny and savvy wherewithal to recognize roof issues before they become such. It is more or less a fact that botherations will occur at some point-in-time within the agedness of a roof. We here at Elite American Roofing present to you 5 typical headaches related to your roof and how to confront them head on.

  • Damage to the Fascia or Trim

An important piece, which is generally connected to a large part of the overall roof, the facia, or more commonly known as the trim, plays a vital role both in keeping the value of your property high, as well as playing the part of guardian to other areas of the roof. Trim can be made with multiple materials, but the overall key here is awareness of wear and loss of functionality.

  • Take Care Of The Soffit

By necessity, you will notice that many a roof will reach out over the walls of a home or 

building. The completed area underneath this overhang is the soffit. The soffit performs many important roles including, but not limited to, airflow, temperature control, and overhang protection. A dutiful property owner will ideally perform routine checks for any signs of deterioration to the soffit. Animals and weather can wreak havoc on an unchecked soffit.

  • A Glittering Flashing Will Get The Job Done

The metallic flashing on your roof is meant to execute the all important task of keeping water out. Like many of the various components on the roof, the main culprit of a faulty flashing is weathering and corrosion. As is a persistent theme, general inspections and checks of your flashing is mandatory for optimal roof performance.

  • Keep Those Gutters Flowin’ Free

When it comes to your gutters, there are a few obvious tasks one must engage with. Though it may not be how you would like to spend a crisp, sunny, fall afternoon, keeping your gutters clear of debris and leaves is the wise thing to do. In addition to draining water off your roof, gutters also defend the foundation of your home from long-term water damage, as well as helping with mold-reduction within your basement. The simple plan of making sure the exit point of your gutter system is directed away from the foundation and is fixed on a slight downslope will work wonders. Lastly, it never hurts to lay rock or something similar around the exit point of your gutters.

  • Your Shingles Are On The Front Lines Of Your Roof Defense

Through no fault of their own, shingles are placed in the unenviable position of defending your roof from heat, weather, various debris, etc. If there is any functioning component within your roofing structure that needs the most tending and inspection, it would be the shingles. Consistent, routine surveying of all areas of the shingles can save you unknown problems and hardship.

This is just a small sliver of information and knowhow our roofing experts at Elite American Roofing possess. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your roofing questions or needs.

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