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Brown Ceiling Stains: What are They and What do I do to Fix Them?

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No one likes the thought of a ceiling stain. Doesn’t matter if you’re here in the city of Houston, TX, or anywhere else in the world: it can’t be good news. It’s so, so easy (and common) for home and business owners to overlook them. After all, they don’t always start out big. Sometimes, the corner of the eye doesn’t catch them until it’s too late and then bam: it’s more time spent, it’s more money lost, it’s more headaches endured. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather avoid all of those things. 

Still, there’s always so many questions that come with those terrible sights. We all want to know where it came from. We all want to know what caused it. We all want to know what we could have done to avoid it. And as easy as it can be at times to the untrained eye to diagnose the problem, sometimes it’s a lot more than meets the eye. Sometimes it needs a bigger lens. That’s where Elite American Roofing comes in. 

The Primary Causes of Brown Ceiling Stains

With all of the expenses and stresses that come with owning a business or home, it’s no shock that one of the biggest fears comes with the thought of the time and money spent on roof repair. Higher up that list of fears, though, should be the risk of full roof replacement. So how do we identify the causes of these stains? I wish I could say it was easy, but unfortunately there’s usually something more afoot than what we see. Sometimes it can be something simple, but it’s never worth it to discount the possibilities. Just a few of the most common causes include…

So what do we do to fix this? Obviously, the most important aspect of this is locating the source of the stain. Is it a leaky roof? Is it an unwittingly burst pipe? Or is it something that I need a professional for?

Preventative Measures and Moving Forward

Certainly, every item on that list can be painful to imagine. After all, besides food and water, is there anything more valuable to existence than the roof over our heads and the comfort it brings? That being said, it’s of equal importance as a business or home owner to regularly schedule roof inspections. Though it’s frequently overlooked, the general opinion is that roofs should be inspected every three to five years (depending on roof material) for homes and every six months for businesses. I’m guessing those numbers come as a surprise; it’s not uncommon for us to miss those marks.

That’s why we’re here. 

Sometimes, the problem is something that owners can figure out. But there’s something to be said about the eye of a professional. Elite American Roofing can be there for you from start to end. Whether it’s the assurance that the problem is small enough to be dealt with quick and easy or the helping hand to get that roof back over your head, Elite is there for you.

Noticing any brown patches? Call or email us today with any questions you have.

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